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Client Testimonials

"I have been doing business with Jim for over twenty years. I have found him to be sincere in his desire to help us make the best choices. He has excellent knowledge of the products available to us. He is easy to talk to and very well organized. I will continue to recommend Jim to my friends and relatives for their financial planning."

Diane M. Walsh

Purchasing Manager (Retired)

Plochman, Inc.

"I contacted Fox Financial Group because I was concerned with my retirement income. Not having a pension, I wanted to be sure my savings would provide a secure income after retirement. Jim showed me several annuities which guaranteed a lifetime income, and provided an upfront bonus when I made my initial deposit. I am now enjoying retirement."

Terry L. Smith

Senior V.P., Escrow Administration (Retired)

Chase Mortgage

"I didn’t have much knowledge about retirement, but after meeting with Jim Fox, he answered all my questions with professional expertise, and has taken care of my financial plan. Now I don’t have to worry."

Patrick J. Altman


Chicago Fire Department

"I have been Jim’s client since 2003. He explains things in a language that I understand, and makes me excited about my financial outlook. Jim keeps my resources in mind, and offers services which fall within my needs. I am confident in my future financial stability knowing that he is there to provide his expertise and services."

Jennifer Kolbe

Senior Investigator

United States Investigation Services

"Jim has been a great help in handling my investment and insurance needs, as well as advising me in my estate planning. His concern and his integrity are genuine. It’s a pleasure to do business with him."

Elizabeth A. Nemanich


Hinsdale Township High School District 86

"In my business, my clients are my most valuable asset. The fact that I am willing to refer my clients to Jim says a lot about the confidence I have in him."

Richard J. Fox, CPA

Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

Richard J. Fox & Associates, Ltd. (no relation)

"As retirees, planning for our future in a safe manner was imperative. Jim Fox devoted a great deal of time developing and understanding our needs. Jim is a very knowledgeable and thorough investment and estate planning advisor in whom we have placed our trust. He never pushes, he educates."

John C. Nielsen

Engineer (Retired)

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

"Jim Fox is an excellent financial advisor. He is reliable, knowledgeable, honest, and easy to work with. We highly recommend him for your financial needs."

Ken & Gretchen Countryman

Owners of Hallmark Card store

"After I was laid off, I invested my retirement in mutual funds; however, when the stock market crashed, my plans to receive a monthly dividend faded, and my initial principal investment began to shrink. A friend suggested that I contact Jim Fox to determine if he could help me. Jim is very personable, and he understands what the client wants to achieve, and he is truly interested in enabling them to realize their financial goals."

Ken Rusthoven

Assistant Vice President (Retired)

Mid America Bank

"Jim sat down with me and really understood what my financial and insurance needs were.  He educated and taught me on the options I had and I went with his recommendations.  He is in the "teaching business" and provides information that really helps you make the proper decision.  His greatest service is he listens to your concerns.  He gives you options and then you decide; he is not pushing products.  He gives you what you need and not what you don't.  As a salesman myself, I am delightfully pleased how he has gone the extra  mile.  Just sit down with Jim and you will see he is working in your best interest."

Joe Niego


Niego Real Estate

"Initially we exchanged information via email and over the phone.  Once sufficient details were understood, Jim did his research to come up with the best options given our situation.  Jim arrived exactly on time and was very professional, friendly, and helpful.  Jim approaches his work with enthusiasm and professionalism that was much appreciated.  It became clear he has vast experience in financial services.  He has given us exceptional service and we couldn't be happier with the experience."

Mark Wawers

IT Manager

"Thank you very much for alerting us on the charges and fees that are not apparent on our statements from our mutual funds. Since we have changed the setup of this account, we are not paying almost $4,000 a year. There were 11 different but similar mutual funds in this account and we shortened them to six. My experience with you has been enjoyable and I will certainly give your company a great reccomendation to others."

Gerald Blaylock
Chicago Public Schools

"Jim is fantastic. He spent a ton of time up front understanding our goals and current plans. He then put together a plan very specific to what we needed – not just what he wanted to sell. I’ve always avoided getting professional financial advice, because I didn’t want a cookie cutter approach. I feel like Jim really listens."

Chris McKillip

Senior Manager

Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group

"For many years, I have witnessed the sound investment and estate planning advice, and exceptional service Jim extends to clients. Clients take great comfort in Jim’s understanding of their specific planning needs, and ultimately helping them achieve their goals."

John W. Perozzi, J.D.

Attorney at Law

Law Offices of John W. Perozzi

"Mr. Fox is very thorough and knoweldgeable.  We feel very fortunate to have an advisor who is creating a portfolio that will be to our greatest benefit.  We will not hesitate to recommend him to others look for sound financial assistance."

Rick Howard

Sr. Manager

Illinois Tollway Authority

"James Fox has been my financial advisor for over ten years. In all that time, he has been an honest and reliable financial advisor. I trust him and would recommend him to anyone. It’s been a profitable relationship."

Raymond D. Michelin

Market Manager

Kramer Foods

"I appreciated how he helped me decide what would be the best options for me as I retired. He explained everything in detail so that I could understand. Thank you, Jim, for not only being a professional, but also for caring for me as a person, not a client."

Eileen Burns

Inside Sales Representative (Retired)

Mitsubishi Corp.

"I have known Jim Fox for over fifteen years, when he first helped me with my BlueCross BlueShield and Long-Term Care insurance policies before I retired. His service exceeds by far the normal."

George B. Hoekstra

President (Retired)

Speelman Refuse Company

"I have known Jim for thirty years on both a personal and business level. He is trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable. You will benefit with Jim being on your side in today’s financial market."

Michael J. Szala


Olympus Mortgage, Inc.

"Upon invitation, Mr. Fox himself visited my home and provided financial alternatives for better use of my available funds. Then he followed up to make sure I had a clear understanding and had no further questions. Any questions I had, he provided answers either immediately or with verifiable resources... which I did check. When I signed the contract, he took the time to explain the entire document and answer questions. He followed my purchase as closely and professionally as any I have ever known. The products offered were top rated. So goes for the man and his favorite staff member, Sharon. People of integrity."

Howard Berney

"My wife, Beverly, and I could not be more pleased with the insurance and investment work Jim did for us. He is incredibly knowledgeable, he is personable, and most importantly to us, he is willing to take all the time needed for us to understand EXACTLY what we are purchasing and why. Jim is patient and honest."

Larry Pauly

Director, Office of Admission, Chicago Region

Millikin University

"I've worked with Jim for several years now.  The best way to describe him is he is very personable and high quality.  He listens to your concerns, ideas, and does not push you.  He's pleasant to work with and follows through with what he says.  Nowadays, that is really rare.  He returns calls promptly and is always on time.  He has not only helped me and my family, but also my mother as well.  I liked the way he handled her and that is what helped us decide to work with him.  I suggest you make an appointment with Jim... you will not be dissappointed."

Nora Barler



"Taking advantage of an early retirement opportunity, I left the working world in 1987. My wife and I needed insurance, which Jim secured. He then asked if we are familiar with annuities. And to be honest, not really. Knowing that one of my co-workers had one, we decided to secure one with Jim. We could not be happier, and I would recommend annuities as a very sound investment with excellent growth and security. I highly recommend Jim Fox as a professional and knowledgeable agent." 

Chuck Novotny

"For many years now, and continuing to do so, we have received caring, professional, and prompt advice and services from Jim, that best suit our present and future needs."

Syed A. Haider

Restaurant General Manager

"After working with Jim for the past 5 years, not only has he become a good friend, he has become one of my most trusted advisors.  Jim's personality, knowledge, and professionalism is a breath of fresh air in the financial services industry.  I whole heartedly recommend Fox Financial."

Chris Seats


Vertical Vision Financial Marketing 

"Jim Fox has been doing business with me, and my family, for over twenty years, and we have established a loyal, respectful, honest, and trustworthy relationship. He’s always there when you need him! He’s a super great guy to do business with. I can always turn to him for help! Thanks Jim!"

Susan M. Graczyk

Accounts Payable Administrator

Delta Tech Mold, Inc.

"Jim is a wonderfull fella to do business with.  I have worked with him for many years.  He has helped us with our insurance, investments, and estate planning and we used his attorney as well.  I couldn't have asked for or trusted anyone more than him.  He returns my call ASAP, which is what I like.  If someone were to ask me for a recommendation, I would say I trust him 100%.

Richard Campagna

Chicago Board of Education (Retired)



"Honest, outgoing, forward, and he gives you this feeling that you have known him your whole life.  He is nice to work with, doesn't come on strong, and explains everything in detail in your words so you know what you are doing.  Get your "feet wet" with him, you will probably learn alot.  You can't go wrong with Jim."

Barbara Berry

Secretary (Retired)


Jim Fox - Testimonials
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