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Services and Products Offered

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning is based on the concept of "Safe Money Management" through safe and guaranteed investments. We call it "sleep investments" -- so you can sleep at night! These products offer lifetime income, guarantees of no losses in the market, bonuses, beneficiary designation in the event of premature death, and many other features, all with no risk. If it’s risk that you want -- we cannot help.

Investment Advising

We take a thorough approach in advising with the use of an in-depth "Fact Find" questionnaire, utilizing the questions we ask, and the goals you want to accomplish for you and your family. This will give us the important information we need to determine what options might work for you. We educate first - then we try to match one of the dozens of companies we broker with, to make a perfect fit.

Estate Planning

Due to our "team concept," we have incorporated attorneys and CPAs to assist in the difficult process of passing your estate on to loved ones, through the development and administration of Trusts and Wills. These plans can protect your estate through Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, which can help off-set the high cost of estate taxes and probate. Our team offers free consultations in the convenience of your home or place of business.

Health Insurance

As a broker in the industry, we have the option of helping our clients with several companies in the health arena. This assists us in finding the perfect fit, based on need and budget. We offer Medicare Supplements, Long-Term Care, Major Medical, and Short-Term Major Medical protection.


Asset Management

Through our "Safe Money Management" philosophy, Fox Financial Group, Ltd. will manage all assets within guaranteed and risk-free investments, with several liquidation options available as needed. When required, we handle all 401(k), 403(b), pension, deferred-compensation, IRA, or non-IRA rollovers/transfers. We will have at least one annual review and constantly monitor all the accounts. As an investor, you also can follow your investments on-line or call the companies directly as often as you like.

Business Planning

​Utilizing the questionnaire process, our team can help your business protect itself with various planning tools; such as, Buy-Sell Agreements, Key employee protection, SEPs, Keoghs, and Business Trusts, among other services.

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