February 13, 2015

Hello everyone – well we all know what tomorrow is!! Right? (Hint-hint, in case you forgot!)


But instead of writing about how fortunate we are to be loved, I digress, and would like to point out that Monday is President’s Day! In honor of President’s Day, I thought it...

February 6, 2015

I guess I jinxed us by saying “hooray for sun” last week – less than 48 hours later: 18” of snow!!



Almost all annuities are tax-deferred, meaning they are taxed at time of withdrawal, in a variety of ways. Fortunately, they grow...

January 31, 2015

Hello everyone – finally some sun today – hooray!


Besides the new IRS rollover law that started on January 1st of 2015, you might not be aware of some of the other 230 new laws for this year. Just to name a few: If you now get a traffic violation, the police officer wi...

January 23, 2015

I recently received a phone call from one of our clients who was very upset about a phone call her son received. The person on the other line stated that they were from the IRS and they told him he owed taxes, and that they would garnish his wages if he did not send in...

January 17, 2015

Wow, I hope the cold spell we just had is not a sign of things to come!!!


I recently read a couple of chapters from Tony Robbins’ new book called “MONEY-Master the Game” (a good read), in which he talks about Guaranteed Lifetime Income. Most of you already have one or...

January 10, 2015

Happy New Year to all of our clients, family, and friends!! I hope you are all well and find this New Year to be healthy and safe.


I have started this weekly “blog” to help alert, educate, and inform everyone on law, accounting, and investment changes that affect all o...

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